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Significant Course Work Digital Photography

Merchandising and Styling
Linens 'N' Things (2006 - 2008)
Styling eye-catching and shoppable displays for various departments, including:
  • Bedroom Decor
  • Window Coverings
  • Home Decor Accessories
  • Bathroom Decor
  • Wall Decor
  • assisted in other departments
Styling included dressings, coordinating accessories and hardware, steaming fabrics and re-merchandising products in accessible locations.

Significant University and Course Work

Bachelor of Arts, Communications Studies, Fine Arts Cultural Studies
(Double Major) York University (2001 - 2005)
  • A study of the political bias of Canadian press [ Show Excerpt ]
  • Social community explorations: the Sims Online and LambdaMoo [ Show Excerpt ]
  • Dada and Fluxus: A historical comparison and study [ Show Excerpt ]
  • Extension of readings - Semantics and theoretical study
  • Studies in broadcasting policies
Excerpts: from The Political Bias of the Canadian Press: Determining the political leanings of the four most-read English newspapers in Canada
This research essay aims to define where the four most-read English-language newspapers in Canada position themselves along the political spectrum (Liberal Left to Conservative Right) in the hopes of finding a clear answer to the oft-declared accusations of the Liberal-biased media. It is necessary to determine where these sources stand on political issues because each has a large audience that may be influenced to place substantial values in one set of truths over all others. As previously discussed, this is dangerous in our society because it excludes possibilities and limits the openness of individuals to accept other possible solutions and answers. In addition, armed with the knowledge that certain papers are likely to portray political issues from a certain direction, readers will be more aware and more critical of what they are reading. It is important for readers to gather different voices on issues in order to make informed decisions about their lifestyles, whom they trust to relay their concerns and issues to government, and who in the government will respond and how.
from The Sims Online: A Suburban Wonderland
The most important tool in the online game is interaction with other users. While the game is supposed to be fun to play, even when simply trying out the objects and navigating around the cities or building and designing a home, the main goal is social interaction. It is impossible for a sim to advance in the job market, gain popularity or stay happy without working on friendships and keeping in contact with friends. As with a job in real life society, sims must interact with customers and fellow employees in order to keep their job. They also fare better for promotions and achieving new skill levels when maintaining the social relationships and keeping their mood up. Furthermore, the amount of work that goes into making a sim’s life happy replicates the energy and desire to make one's self content in the real world. A user can spend hours and hours socializing in the game, working and taking care of their home, with the same energy that it takes to complete the same tasks for the user himself in real life (which will be discussed later). Building and maintaining friendships not only enhances the experience of the game for the user, but also improves their net worth and popularity, as the game rewards players for having parties and socializing daily.
from Dada and Fluxus: Co-mingling Themes and the Derivation of Ideas
In the art world, a continuous cycle of growth exists as certain movements or periods influence and build from those previous. Regardless of when the periods take place, some influences often exist generations before, as was the case with Fluxus. [...] For the purpose of this exploration, I plan to focus primarily on the relationship between Fluxus and Dada, their similarities and differences, with reference to specific themes. After a brief examination of the history of Dada, I will turn my focus to the arguments regarding the naming of the periods of time within which the works fell, as well as their ability to be seen as ahistorical tendencies. Following a discussion of the qualities linking the ideas that formulate the works, I explore the cyclical relationship of ideas that form the basis of both movements. Such an investigation of the connections between Dada and Fluxus inevitably highlight the cyclical nature of which all facets of life and art behave.

If you would like to read full copies, please send your request via e-mail, including the purpose for which you are interested in viewing the entire paper.

Public Relations and Special Events Coordination
(Professional Development Courses) Algonquin College (2007 - 2008)
  • Communications plans
  • Budget Planning
  • Planning an entire Event including:
Digital Editing